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"To change the fate of one individual is to change the world."

Sir Terry Pratchett


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focus is also considered a brief therapy, usually between 6-12 sessions, sometimes more depending on your long-term goal.


Hypnobirthing is widely recognised to reduce anxiety, stress and tension and teaches you visualisation and self-hypnosis skills to use throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey.


"I have suffered with anxiety since I was a teenager. I sought help from Sarah Morgan. From the first session with her I felt more relaxed and comfortable. With each session I was able to set myself small goals to jump another hurdle, finding solutions to deal with different struggles in everyday life.

I believe Sarah has taught me strategies to manage my anxiety levels in all different areas of life. Without her support and understanding I would have found certain situations very difficult to manage.

Thank you."


"I consulted Sarah about my fear of flying, which had historically resulted in me refusing to get on a flight when about to board.

I found her easy to talk to, she explained every stage in detail so there was no apprehension on my part and really enjoyed the process …. But most importantly I flew to Canada shortly after, experienced turbulence but was able to remain totally calm and rational.

I’d recommend anyone with a similar phobia to see Sarah."


"I never thought I would be able to give up smoking… a 20 plus a day bad habit that I loved. In fact I was told by others that I would probably fail and not to try. 

Sarah has many wonderful qualities that make her a very special therapist, but her unfaltering belief in the power of hypnotherapy, and her belief that it really would work for me, meant that it was the first, last and only method I have needed to give up completely. 

It took just one session… and I became a non smoker again.  

She is a miracle worker. "


"When I first met Sarah I discussed with her my irrational fear of cycling.  I have been a proficient cyclist for many years and my biggest bike ride had been cycling London to Paris with no fears.  After having Covid I had this totally irrational fear of getting back on my bike.  As Sarah and I discussed this it became apparent that I had some other issues that I needed to deal with before tackling my cycling fear and Sarah suggested guided hypnotherapy.

I can thoroughly recommend Sarah to help with issues, she is very professional, has a gentle caring manner, makes you feel at ease and most of all gives you the confidence to be your true self."


"A disproportionate amount of my life was spent trying to make sense of the past, my childhood, relationships, self blaming and questioning my decisions in order to try and understand. I neither had the time or energy to continue in this way as I needed to focus on caring for the person dearest to me with an incurable illness.

I wanted to look forward, not back and find a happier solution to enjoying and appreciating the special time we had together. Thank you Sarah for helping and guiding my awareness and focus towards the
numerous positive aspects of life and appreciation of the present. "


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